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‪rorykramer: Last night my TV show finally premiered…a…

‪rorykramer: Last night my TV show finally premiered…a dream I had for a very long time. This guy here @justinbieber was a huge inspiration to me when coming up with the concept. I wanted to showcase artists for who they really are rather than what the media sometimes portrays them as. When I worked with Justin everyday for a year, I got to see a side not many people got to see. My goal was to showcase him the way I saw him, a good, funny, outgoing, talented guy, and a friend. After working with him I wanted to show a real genuine side of all my favorite artists that were on the show. @mtvdaretolive #RunIt #DontJudgeABookByItsCover

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‪rorykramer: Last night my TV show finally premiered…a…

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