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5 Celebrities With Eating Disorders Who are Open About Their Struggles

Eating disorders are sadly very common — experts estimate that at least thirty million people in the United States suffer from one. With those numbers, it makes sense that there are lots of celebrities with eating disorders, too.

After all, they’re human. The only difference is that they have a platform.

There are lots of celebrities who have shared their stories of eating disorders to help others get through their own fights. Here are five famous people with eating disorders who have been open about their struggles. 

1. Demi Lovato

Selena’s fellow Disney Channel star Demi Lovato opened up about her struggles with disordered eating in her documentary Simply Complicated back in 2017.

Lovato struggled with bulimia from the time she was a teen. On top of battling to stay sober, she also works with a nutritionist and personal trainer to maintain healthy eating habits. 

She still shares before-and-after photos to show that recovery is possible. 

2. Kesha

In addition to the stress from her ongoing battle with Dr. Luke, Kesha also checked herself into rehab in 2014 for an eating disorder. These days, she says that decision saved her life.

She didn’t think that she was allowed to eat food or to be a certain size as a pop star. Now, she wants to use her music and her platform to help other people get motivated to get help and live healthier lives.  

3. Lady Gaga

It’s hard to believe that the queen of self-love and the “Born This Way” singer struggled with her self-image. Lady Gaga was a teenager just like the rest of us, though, and revealed that she struggled with bulimia and anorexia from the age of fifteen. 

She started the Born This Way Foundation to help teens with body issues help learn tips like the things to avoid in eating disorder recovery.

4. Lily Collins

Like so many of us, Lily Collins shared that she had to change the way she thought of healthy. Instead of thinking that healthy meant skinnier, she learned that healthy can take many shapes and sizes. 

She decided to come clean about her disordered eating in her book Unfiltered so that she could be held accountable. Instead of hiding her eating patterns, she realized that it was more important to be honest with the people around her so that she could get help. 

5. Zayn Malik

Eating disorders don’t just affect women and girls. Zayn Malik, the former 1D heartthrob, has said that he used disordered eating as a way to regain control over his life. 

One Direction’s insanely demanding schedule left him feeling out of control of everything, so he controlled his food intake instead. Once he realized that he could control his life in other ways, though, he says that his eating returned to normal. 

Like other celebs on this list, he revealed all in his autobiography.  

Tips from Celebrities with Eating Disorders

Sometimes, celebrity interviews can teach us a lot. These five celebrities with eating disorders help to show other people that they’re not alone in their struggles. 

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5 Celebrities With Eating Disorders Who are Open About Their Struggles

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