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A 2019 Update: Who is Selena Gomez Dating Now?

A 2019 Update: Who is Selena Gomez Dating Now?

Selena Gomez only finished with rehab at the end of December, and she focuses a lot more on her mental well-being now. Taking a page out Demi Lovato’s book and putting her health first is a big step.

But is anyone else besides her close friend supporting her? Is the star dating anyone new, after the slew of guys fans have seen her with?

After her ex, Justin Bieber moved on for good (given his recent marriage to wife Hailey), it’s possible Selena is moving on, too. Who is Selena Gomez dating now? Check it out.

Life Without Justin

Selena Gomez isn’t back with Justin Bieber, although it looked like it last fall for a hot second. Instead, he did some diamond research, proposed to then-girlfriend Hailey Baldwin, and he got hitched in secret in September of this year.

In October of 2017, Selena broke up with boyfriend The Weeknd, who right away unfollowed her and all her close family members on Instagram.

The couple had dated for ten months, amidst many romantic exchanges. The singer, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, even got her a puppy. He also scheduled his tour around her kidney transplant surgery, and the two went to Universal Studios together.

Out for Breakfast

After the big news of their breakup hit, she met up for breakfast with Justin. Selena and Justin hadn’t been in a relationship since 2015, but that didn’t stop the gossip from flying that they might be dating again. The pair went to church together after their meal.

But Selena’s little reunion didn’t work out, and we now know that, at the time, Justin was already secretly married to Hailey. The happy newlyweds had a nice retreat in Canada, where they are always able to get away from the paparazzi more than in the US. They also celebrated her late November birthday.

Some think Selena wanted to make her newest ex, The Weeknd, jealous.

Or she could have only been congratulating Justin on his recent nuptials. Rumors flew that she was thrilled for him to start this new chapter of his life with his bride. It’s hard to get over someone you were with on and off for 8 years, but it’s possible she has done it, with grace and poise.

It takes more grace and poise than average to be sweet to the girl who took your place, even if she writes sweet things about you. Hailey hasn’t ever been anything but nice to Selena, and they have mutual friends. She even dispels rumors in interviews when asked how she feels about the star.

So Who Is Selena Gomez Dating Now?

She’s not with Caleb Stevens, the high schooler someone spotted at the same remote cabin retreat as her with this past summer. They also got spotted in NYC together and another small town in New York, where she was on location for her latest project – a zombie flick with Bill Murray.

The film is now in post-production status and also stars Adam Driver from Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Austin Butler, Selena’s friend and Vanessa Hudgen’s boyfriend. It’s due for release sometime this year, and the comedy, written and directed by Jim Jarmusch, is sure to make big headlines.

Despite the rumors, Selena isn’t dating Noah Centineo, either. Last month at the GQ Men of the Year party, the star gave an interview all about how he would love a date with Selena Gomez. He even hinted he would like to take her overseas.

But while he may have hoped to bait the hook for Selena and see if she had any interest, she’s not biting. The 22-year-old To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before celeb is out of luck.

Selena doesn’t seem interested, because she’s spending time with a hot Italian producer. What?!

The New Boyfriend

Someone spotted Selena Gomez in Rome this summer, with Italian film producer Andrea Iervolino. The young 31-year-old is only five years older than Selena, and with his troubled past, a sweet girlfriend might be the very thing he needs.

Not only did the Italian suffer during his childhood, with an abusive father and trauma from bullying (he had a severe stutter), he also has overcome the rumors surrounding a lawsuit in Los Angeles earlier this year. The producer received accusations of sexual abuse toward Anna Jane Edmonds. The charges were since dropped at Ms. Edmonds’ own request.

Selena toured Rome with Andrea after these allegations came out, and she’s known him for a while. In 2016 she acted in a movie he produced (In Dubious Battle), alongside James Franco. It’s plain she doesn’t believe a word of the rumors, and she won’t let rumors keep her from standing by his side.

Here’s to the New Year

It’s obvious that to Selena Gomez dating is only one of the many things on her mind. Having fun with Andrea is nice, but she knows she doesn’t need a man to continue having fabulous style or rocking her new role in The Dead Don’t Die.

Even rehab couldn’t keep her down. She checked back into a mental health facility in October and completed her stay at the end of December.

The star spends time being mindful and even playing in the snow now that her program has finished. Mental health is a continuous battle, one that Selena appears to be winning for the moment.

For more on Selena Gomez and other celebrity news, read more of the SelGomez Blog.

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Picture or Text – Which is More Important for Your Online Dating Profile

Picture or Text – Which is More Important for Your Online Dating Profile

We are now in the error of online dating which opens the borders for people to date anyone they wish in the world. The dating sites do not restrict the users but they will ask you the region where you come from so that others can see. As people look for their perfect partners online, there are some rules and guidelines to abide by so that the process can be smooth.

Creating a profile is mandatory in almost all dating sites that you will meet. The guidelines may be different but almost all require you to put a profile picture and describe yourself in a few lines. Others are detailed and will request you to add other details like hobbies, careers and other categories. However, most people are concerned to know what is better to use between a profile picture and text description if you have a choice.

Pros of Using a Picture

Most people prefer to look at a picture of a person they are interested in when browsing through a dating site. This is according to numerous views collected by survey companies. Mainly, this is because a picture on a profile will have the following pros:

Gives an impression – People are more visual. That is why a clear photo of you will be the best to use on your online dating profile. According to some people, they want to know whether a person is beautiful or handsome or not according to their judgment. They also want to know the skin color, the hair type, the kind of makeup you use and many other physical looks. A clear picture of someone tells a lot about who the person is.

Tells about the personality – although it is not always true, some people claim that they can judge the personality of a person by how they look on a photo. Arguably, they can know whether the person has a cool, rough or any other personality. It is for this reason that people would like to see the picture of a person before dating them. The Happymatches dating website requires you to have a profile picture which is clear.

Is a Text Better?

While writing a profile requires you to write a text, most people think it is only important to describe the profile picture. This is because people already have an impression of who you are once they look at the picture. The text should contain other details that people may not know about you like:

  •        Age – although the photo can show how old you look, it is only the text that can give the actual number of years that you possess.
  •        Interests – it is important to tell people what you love doing so that they can tell whether you are the right person for them or not.
  •        What you are looking for – no one will never know what you are after unless you tell them. The profile picture cannot tell this no matter how clear it is.

Final Word

From the above highlights, a profile pic alone can still be convenient for a dating site profile. However, it is better for both the profile picture to be used with text to give complete information.

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How to Do Email Marketing Just Right

How to Do Email Marketing Just Right

One of your greatest concerns as a small business owner is how you are going to do effective email marketing. This will help you reach more customers without spending a lot of money. If you would check the other marketing strategies, you will realize that they are usually expensive.

You will know if the email marketing is successful if you have planned a specific online event and a lot of your customers will take advantage of your deals and offers. The more customers that turn up, the more effective the strategies that you have used. What if you have set up a strategy and it did not work? It might be your worst fear.

This does not have to happen to you. You can do email marketing correctly as long as you would follow some tips.

  1. Be specific about the type of event that you are promoting through email. Are you going to promote an online event? Are you setting up an event that will prompt your subscribers to come and visit? These details will be very helpful for you.
  2. Always be clear about how the event will work. You might think that it is cool to use up different words that can make your email seem “smart” or “cool.” It is still best if you would be straight to the point. The more that people understand what the event is all about, the better.
  3. Add videos to your emails. Do you want people to click on your email? Add a video that they will be interested to watch? A lot of people right now are very visual. They would like to see images and videos that will make your email more interesting.
  4. Highlight what they can expect from the event that you are planning. Will there be a specific hour wherein you would be selling some items for a very low price? This is the time when people know that they should check out your website. They would love to know the information for sure.
  5. Do not forget about your sponsors. There are some customers who may become interested in your event because of the sponsors that have believed in your event.

There is one thing that you should never fail to remember: it is always important that you will make it easy for people to register to your newsletter. You can always learn more details when you check out EMMA. Are you ready to know more about email marketing?
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Things That Make Love Fall in Place Better

Things That Make Love Fall in Place Better

Love is a great feeling. It sweeps us from our feet, gives butterflies in the stomach, and let’s not forget, gives us never-ending goosebumps that heighten our senses and makes us feel out of the world. However, at times this feeling is often miscommunicated and is misunderstood and thus, it is often said it is not just the love that keeps a relationship going but many other factors that make love fall in right place. No matter if you are the girlfriend or the wife, you can always promise forever love to your husband or boyfriend with the following priceless gifts. No, it is no diamond or any other precious stone, it is the other things that come in the package with love, affection, and fondness.

1. Trust

Trust forms the basis of any relationship. Just like a light sweeping through a dark place, it livens up a relationship with an utmost spark. Known to be another way of loving each other, a trust makes a relationship stronger and better. So, if you are looking to showcase your love, build the foundations of your companionship with love and first and foremost, trust.

2. Harmony

Rejoicing each others company with peacefulness is what makes love a great feeling. Just like soulful rhythmic tunes of a song, harmony is the one component that makes a couple grew fond of each other. Like really, who would want to fight every day or bicker every second of their lives?

3. Respect

It is often stated that there can be no love if there’s no respect in a relationship. Of course, you can buy your partner expensive gifts, fine jewelry but the greatest gift that you can adorn your relationship is hard-earned respect. So, if it is just a birthday or if you are seeking to find a perfect Valentine gift for boyfriend, a photo mug with pictures haring love and respect for each other is all you need to gift.

4. Love

Unconditional love is all your partner needs. This can be compromised and if you think like a gift that can be given later, this is one thing that needs to stay forever till the very end of eternity. Irrevocable feelings of affection keep a relationship intact and going.

5. Emotions

Being emotional and practical in a relationship needs to be divided in such a way that emotional should always weight more. Being emotional is an important part of a relationship and thus, is a key ingredient in the recipe of love.

6. Patience

Losing temper, being irrational during the hard times, and having no control over the y0our drives is a root cause of a failed relationship. Meditate, relax your soul, and talk things out, have as many discussions as you want but try not to lose patience as acting aggressive and not listening to your partner can make a bad impression of yours.

7. Communication

Keep the line of communication always up and going. Not talking for hours is fine but not talking for days, this hampers a relationship severely and often cause irreparable damages.

You can’t choose one of them, if you are in a relationship, bless your companionship with each of these.

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