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Trump 2020: What the Polls are Saying About His Next Bid for President

Trump 2020: What the Polls are Saying About His Next Bid for President

President Donald Trump announced his campaign for reelection for 2020 on the day of his inauguration. This is especially unusual for a president to declare his candidacy so early in the running.

Furthermore, Trump has been holding rallies and fundraisers for his Trump 2020 campaign since February 2017. Trump also announced in November 2018 that the current Vice President, Mike Pence, will be his running mate in 2020. 

But, are you wondering what the chances of the President accomplishing another shock victory are? What are the voters saying and what are his chances? Let’s take a look!

1. The President’s Campaign

The President’s campaign slogan in 2016 was one of the most successful in living memory. Supporters could regularly be seen wearing one of the famous “Make America Great Again” baseball caps. Check out this blog for famous slogans used in previous presidential campaigns. 

Trump has confirmed that for 2020, the slogan will be changed from “Make American Great Again” to “Keep America Great.” He has continued to use the 2016 slogan. He claims he will switch when America has reached “greatness”. 

However, it is yet to be revealed what policy agenda the president will pursue in the 2020 campaign. We can probably expect to see Trump defend his record in office, especially on economy and immigration. 

2. The Doom and Gloom

There are many reasons to think Trump is not going to have an easy time achieving a second term as President. There are also numerous Republicans who would prefer another nominee to the President.

Democrats are universally opposed to the President, which since taking a majority in the House becomes particularly important in the second-half of Trump’s first term in office.

Plus, the government shutdowns over funding for the border wall with Mexico have not helped Trump. 54% of voters say that Trump is to blame for the shutdown compared with just 31% who blame Democrats.

Moreover, Robert Mueller, the special counsel, is also continuing to work on the investigation around Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election. This report hangs over the president’s head.

3. Trump’s Advantage Over the Rest

It’s not all doom and gloom for the president. Trump will probably have more money than any Democratic candidate.

In the 2016 presidential election between Trump and the Democratic candidate Secretary Hillary Clinton, the former was outspent in every state.

And yet, during his first two years as president, Trump has raised $130 million for 2020. He has already spent the majority of this money on his 2020 campaign so far. Moreover, we can expect the former TV celebrity and real estate magnate to receive even more money from donors over the next years of the election campaign.

This is a significantly higher amount of fundraising than any previous candidate for president at this stage. For example, Barack Obama had raised around $4 million by this stage of the election campaign during his first term as president.

Furthermore, with so many Democratic candidates for 2020, Trump now has the time to continue to raise and spend money while the Democrats tear each other apart. 

4. What Do the Polls Say?

While Trump has plenty of cash, he should be concerned about his low approval ratings. Although the election remains two-years away, few presidents have managed to come back from such opposition from voters.

According to the latest poll, 57% of registered voters say they will definitely vote against President Trump in 2020. This compares with only 30% of voters who would vote for Trump. While another 13% of voters remain undecided. 

For over 57% of people, the president is not doing enough to work with Democrats in Congress. However, 55% blame Democrats for the lack of bi-partisanship. 

This is particularly important since many voters value the importance of cooperation between Republicans and Democrats. Almost two-thirds of people say that they want to see elected officials compromise over policy.

5. Who Is Trump up Against?

We can expect to see up to 40 Democratic candidates to launch bids to be president in 2020. Many have already declared their candidacy for the top job. So, who are the top Democratic candidates?

Trump has already described Joe Biden, one potential runner, like a dream to run against. Biden has previously run for president in 1988 and 2008, before becoming Obama’s running mate in 2008 and his Vice President. However, he has yet to announce whether he is running or not.

Another notable contender is the senator for California, Kamala Harris, who would be the first Indian-American and first female black president if she won.

A favorite among progressives, Bernie Sanders, who was beaten by Hillary Clinton to the Democratic nomination in 2016, has also announced he is running.

As is Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts senator, who has a national profile from her fiery campaigns for regulation of Wall Street. Then there is Cory Brooker, the senator from New Jersey, who has been also been a vocal critic of the Trump administration. 

Other confirmed candidates include the New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Julian Castro, the former Texas Mayor, John Delaney, a congressman from Maryland, and many more.  

Will It Be a Trump 2020 Victory?

Many experts think that it’s too early to call the 2020 presidential election.

There are numerous notable and exciting Democrats who are determined to block Trump from a second term in office. However, only a fool would underestimate Trump, who has continued to defy expectations. His passionate support base and deep pockets make anything possible in 2020. 

Have you enjoyed learning about how the Trump 2020 campaign is shaping up? You’d probably like to hear more about the world’s biggest news stories. Check out our blog here!

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5 Celebrity Makeup Secrets Every Woman Should Know

5 Celebrity Makeup Secrets Every Woman Should Know

Celebrities always seem to look amazing on the red carpet, no matter what their age. That’s because they turn to professional makeup artists to bring out their best features. You too can rock the best looks adopted by the stars, and shine just as brightly.

Here are some of the hottest celebrity makeup tips which are available to everyone. 

1. Contouring 

The Kardashians have brought contouring into common usage, although the concept has long been a favorite way of actresses and models to bring out their cheekbones and facial angles.

By accentuating the bones of the face in the nose, cheeks, and jaw, you can draw attention away from a jowly chin or puffy under-eyes. 

Check out how much better these celebrities look now that they have added contouring to their beauty regimen. Even those over 50 years old look amazing! 

2. Pale Lipstick

Nude lips are trending amongst celebrities. These shades look great on people of all ages, but they are especially appealing for the more mature crowd on whom dark lipsticks may draw attention to lines around the mouth.

Some brands of lipstick include an ingredient which can help the lips look plumper, adding to the youthful glow. It’s a lot less expensive than fillers and cosmetic surgery, anyway! 

3. Foundation with Moisturizer

Celebrities pay great attention to their skin because cameras get up close and personal. You can follow their lead and make sure your skin is always properly hydrated.

A foundation can not only create a consistent color, but it should provide all-day moisture and nutrients. Select a foundation that includes sunscreen in addition to retinol, vitamin C or other ingredients that will help keep your skin dewy and young looking all day and in the years to come. 

If you are in your 50s, click here to find out more about primers, serums and other makeup tips to help you look years younger.

4. Highlighting

Makeup draws attention to certain parts of your face and away from others. Like artfully chosen jewelry, it can direct the gaze of an admirer to your strengths and away from any flaws.

Highlighting powder performs this same technique. It can make eyes pop when brushed under the brows, and it contrasts against contouring when brushed on the upper part of the cheek, making the cheekbones look even more dramatic. 

5. Pencils 

Eye pencils can give the same dramatic emphasis as a liquid liner, but in a softer more smoky way. For women over 50 who may have crepey skin around the eyes, pencils give a softer effect and will not cake in the wrinkles.

Pencils come in a rainbow of colors, so you can opt for a natural look with light browns and greys. If you are feeling adventurous, try an electric blue, white, or even yellow or pink! 

Celebrity Makeup Tips For Every Woman

You don’t have to be famous to look like a million bucks, and you don’t have to spend a million bucks to create the same impact. There are amazing products available which can bring celebrity makeup techniques to everyone and help you feel and look your best.

If you are interested in celebrities and all the gossip about their beauty tips and love lives, check out my blog

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Fall in Love With A Celebrity: What Celebrities Are on Tinder?

Fall in Love With A Celebrity: What Celebrities Are on Tinder?

Searching for movie stars in Los Angeles, country music singers in Nashville or television actors in New York has long been a popular pastime. 

Fans come to these hotspots from around the world, hoping to catch a glimpse of a famous person out and about in the real world. Tabloids make millions featuring pictures of celebrities doing ordinary things, like grocery shopping or dining out.

Whatever the reason for our fascination, it seems we love to see celebrities doing the things we do every day.

And for many famous and non-famous people, one of those things is using dating apps.

While it may seem odd for someone with millions of fans to need an app to find a date, the reality is that more than 30 million people in the U.S. are using them, including plenty of rich, famous names.

Keep reading to learn a few celebrities on Tinder that you might just find yourself swiping right or left on.

Florence Welch

When you think about finding famous people on Tinder, you likely picture more B-list or C-list celebs or lesser-known names. But the truth is that there’s no such thing as a dating app for famous people, so any celebs looking for love on the web are stuck using the same apps like the rest of us.

Florence Welch, the lead singer of Florence and the Machine, has always been open about her use of dating apps.

In fact, the artist is still on Tinder, with a quirky, deep profile description that surely gets her plenty of right-swipes; that is if her name and beautiful looks aren’t enough for that.

Adam Rippon

While Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon might draw crowds when he takes to the ice, his love life wasn’t bringing in the same number of suitors. So, he decided to take to Tinder to try his luck. 

And it’s a good thing he did!

Rippon met his current boyfriend, Pekka Kajaala, on the app. Their friends report that they had been talking for at least seven months when they finally decided to make it Instagram-official last April.

Hilary Duff

Becoming a movie and television star at the age of 15 doesn’t leave much room for traditional relationships.

While singer and actress Hilary Duff met her former husband in person, after their split, she took to dating apps for a little help finding love again.

She even wrote a single about it, titled “Sparks.”

Unfortunately, Duff struggled on the app. She claimed that people didn’t take her profile seriously, or thought that it was a fake, which didn’t help her attract very many meaningful connections.

After all, most of us likely don’t expect to meet celebrities online. Let alone actually date a celebrity online!

That doesn’t mean that she’s been left alone. Duff began dating singer and songwriter Matthew Koma in January of 2017. The pair recently celebrated the birth of Duff’s second child, a daughter who they named Banks Violet Bair.


Hilary Duff isn’t the only celeb that turned to Tinder for a second chance after their marriage folded.

After splitting from his wife, Kim, Eminem used Tinder to look for dates.

The rapper hasn’t been reported to be seeing anyone recently, so it seems the app hasn’t helped him find love just yet. But he did reveal that he has used it in the past and even gone on dates with several people he met there.

Zac Efron

It seems that Duff also isn’t the only famous person to struggle with being taken seriously in the real world.

Zac Efron also reported that when he tried to use Tinder, many people thought that his profile was fake! He claims that no one would swipe right on him, assuming that it was someone posing as him instead.

But it seems that Efron didn’t have very high hopes even if he did get a date on the site. He claims that people often have a preconceived notion of what celebrities will be like, based off of their TV or film roles or what the tabloids have said about them.

He reports that he’d need a very long date to get the chance to dispel these notions from any lucky lady’s mind.

Tiffany Haddish

Sometimes even the drop-dead gorgeous need a little help landing dates.

Tiffany Haddish, actress on the hit television series The Last O.G. has revealed that she once used online dating as a way to search the crowd.

But unlike a few other celebrities on this list, Haddish didn’t have the luck that she was hoping for. She recently regaled viewers on The Tonight Show with tales of dates that didn’t look quite like their profile pictures.

Lindsay Lohan

Many celebrities are very open about their use of Tinder and other dating apps. That’s probably because they want people to understand that fame doesn’t change everything; they’re still normal people struggling to find love and deep, meaningful connections.

But not every celeb wants the world to know that they’re having trouble in the love. That seems to have been the case with Lindsay Lohan.

Unfortunately for her, she let it slip when she posted that she had found her brother on the app.

Our shared love of dating apps isn’t the only thing we share with celebs. While it can be easy to forget their human, they still suffer from the same illnesses and conditions as the rest of us, including eating disorders and mental illnesses.

Chelsea Handler

On the opposite spectrum, Chelsea Handler is more than open about her use of not just Tinder, but in her words, “all the dating apps.”

The comedian is also open about her desire to hook up while she’s traveling, which she also says is her primary reason for using those apps.

It’s unclear whether Handler has had luck on any one or another of the countless dating apps out there. The rest of us might be better off checking out a helpful review or two rather than trying to juggle so many different profiles at once!

More Celebrities on Tinder

Most dating apps don’t let you search for a name. Which means that actually finding celebrities on Tinder requires some luck. And if you’re like many of the users who ran across Hilary Duff or Zac Efron’s profile, you may not even believe it’s really a celeb.

If you’re looking for other ways to get to know your favorite actors, singers, or other stars, check out this article next to learn about a few celebs who identify with their zodiac signs.

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On the Move? Here’s What You Need to Know About Working Out While Traveling

On the Move? Here’s What You Need to Know About Working Out While Traveling

Given that almost 20% of all travel can be business related, busy people are trying to keep their lives in order even as they move around for work. If you’re trying to maintain your schedule of working out while traveling, you’re taking on a struggle many people can’t manage.

However, if you’re able to work out while you’re on vacation or traveling for any reason at all, you’ll feel better about your time away.

Here are five things to think about when you’re trying to workout while traveling.

1. Check for Hotel Gyms

If you’re traveling, you’ll find that most hotels around the world have a gym. That’s because people often have a lot of time to kill when they’re traveling and healthier people don’t want to just sit around and watch TV. Even if you do want to catch up on your favorite shows, most hotel gyms have TVs in them.

Hotel facilities can vary based on where you stay. You could stay at a place with a pool and a sauna, offering some relaxing ways to work your body and stay healthy. If you stay at the average low-key hotel, you’ll find that they even have a small workout room.

You might have to settle for a few weights on a bench, an exercise bike, and a treadmill. However, if you’re looking to catch up on some podcasts or with a fun workout playlist, that could be enough to kill some time. No matter what hotel you’re in, you should have free access to some facilities.

Ask about what they offer before you book. If you’re traveling for work, ask if you can go to a hotel that has the kind of amenities that you’re looking for.

2. Google Nearby Trails

If you’re a runner, hiker, or biker, you get to see the nearby scenery while you stay fit. It’s one of the best ways to see a place you’ve never been to before.

You get to see more of the landscape while also staying in good shape. When you hop on Google or your favorite mapping application, you get to see what’s going on near the place you’re staying.

Plan your travel around some working out. You could run from one location to another if it makes sense. You could grab a bike and go from one place to another, taking the long route across a trail or through a nature preserve.

If you’re looking to do a specific activity like snowshoeing, call up a sports shop in the region and see if they can offer any recommendations. There are often trails that are less traveled or less well-known to visitors. You’ll get a unique view of the area while also getting some exercise that’s endorsed by the people who know.

Search long enough and you’ll find a few options of where you could find places to workout.

3. Pack Economically

When you’re thinking about how you’re going to get your exercise in while traveling, make sure you don’t overestimate. Lots of people assume they’ll have time to work out for several hours a day. Traveling is for taking some time to yourself, especially if it’s a vacation.

If you’re traveling for work or for a specific purpose, don’t expect to have all the time in the world. You’re going to always spend more time talking to your coworkers or catching up with the people you’re meeting. You don’t want to cut that short for the sake of an hour alone on a treadmill.

Consider how much time you have and pack accordingly. Consider some small travel weights if you’re the type to want to do some weight exercises while you run. You could end up building some muscle mass without having to travel with 15 or 20-pound dumbells in your bag.

Bring appropriate shoes, but don’t bring your biggest ones. If you’re going to be in a warm region, there’s no purpose in bringing thick leggings and outdoor gear. Think smart before you pack.

4. Diet Matters

Talk to most people about traveling and they’ll confess that they don’t often eat as well as they do at home. Some people won’t eat regular meals at all when they’re traveling, skipping meals here and there. Other people will eat a little more than usual, drink a little more than usual, and order dessert they wouldn’t normally order.

You shouldn’t beat yourself up when you treat yourself. However, you should know that your diet could make as big of a difference when you’re traveling as anything else. If you can maintain your diet regimen while you travel, you’ll already be a step ahead of most people.

Consider what you eat and how you treat yourself while traveling in addition to the time you spend working out and staying fit. Fitness means nothing without good health.

5. Video Conference Your Trainer

If you find that you’re struggling with a training regimen that your workout specialist has you on, breaking it because of travel could throw you for a loop. It could be a problem for you to leave town without your trainer, because all of your hard work will end up down the drain.

Talk to your trainer and see if they’ll give you a remote or video training. Even just having them on the phone while you’re working out could be useful. They could have a video chat with you while you’re working out, but just checking in could be enough to keep you on track.

Because finding time to workout is hard enough for most of us, check out this great post from Body Transformation Coach for tips.

Working Out While Traveling Has Its Challenges

If you’re trying to maintain your schedule of working out while traveling, you’re not alone. There are lots of tools and gadgets to help you stay on track. However, you need to stay in shape while you travel, working out in a new location can be a fun way to see the place you’re staying.

Here are some at home workout tips for how to stay fit even when you’re on the go.

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