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Drake and Madonna perform at Coachella

Drake and Madonna

Drake and Madonna

Drake and Madonna perform at Coachella

Madonna joined with Drake on center stage as they performed a duet together, and now everyone can’t stop talking about that KISS!

Madonna was singing her new hit ‘Human Nature’ off of her Rebel Heart album, when partway through the song she planted a great big wet kiss on Drake who was seated in a chair.

It’s so much the kiss that as everyone talking, but Drakes reaction after he is finally able to pull away from her. Watch the video below:

Insiders said that the kiss was not planned but something Madonna did on the spur of the moment.

And now Drake is running full damage control trying to play down his reaction, finally blaming it on her lipstick saying, “I didn’t like her lipstick’.

Rihanna, Drake’s ex-girlfriend was watches the whole thing and has yet to make any comment on it.

Always the showman Drake quickly recovered and went on to perform his set.




Drake and Madonna perform at Coachella

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