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Everlasting Love: What are Promise Rings and How to Choose The Best One?

December is the most popular month for marriage proposals.  

Not ready for engagement just yet? Maybe it’s for financial reasons. Maybe you haven’t been dating long enough.

What you do know, however, is that you want to spend the rest of your life with your special someone. How do you express that without a marriage proposal? You can get a promise ring for your love. 

Interested in finding out what are promise rings, exactly? Keep reading to learn all about promise rings and tips for choosing one. 

What Are Promise Rings?

Promise rings are a symbol of commitment in your relationship. They represent your love for each other. For each couple, a promise ring can mean something different.

A promise ring can mean one step before the engagement ring. If you’re not ready to get married just yet, you may get your significant other a promise ring first.

A young couple in high school may also get each other promise rings to symbolize their devotion to each other. 

Although not as popular as they used to be, promise rings are a sweet, sentimental way to express the serious status of your relationship

Why Get a Promise Ring?

Unlike engagement rings, promise rings don’t need to be extravagant or fancy. You can spend as little or as much as you like. You also have more freedom to choose a style that suits you. 

Do Both of You Get a Promise Ring?

The nice thing about promise rings is that there are no hard or fast rules. You can get a promise ring for your significant other, or you can get matching promise rings for the both of you.

You can wear your promise ring on whichever finger you choose. Or, some couples wear it on their left ring finger to symbolize the future engagement ring or wedding band that will be there. 

How to Choose a Promise Ring

Not sure what type of promise ring to choose? Here are some tips that will help you pick the best one. 

Choose Your Style

When it comes to choosing a ring, choose one that reflects your style. Do you like glamour and glitz, or are you more into something simple and classic?

Do you want one in rose gold? With a diamond or without? You have options when it comes to design.

Choose a Design

There are so many different designs for promise rings. One popular design is interlocking hearts. The infinity symbol is another popular design that represents the strength of your relationship. 

As for metal choice, a popular choice is sterling silver. However, you can also get your ring in gold or white gold.

Include a Colorful Gemstone

Maybe you want a gemstone. You can your birth gemstone. You can also wear each other’s birthstones on your rings.

One option is to get a gemstone in the shape of two hearts. Another popular choice is a cluster of smaller gemstones.

Include an Inscription

Did you and your significant other write love notes to each other? Do you have a special saying or nickname for each other? You get promise rings that have an inscription on them. 

You can inscribe a special note to each other. Or, you can inscribe your names on your ring or a date that means something special to you. 

Claddagh Rings

Claddagh rings have been getting a lot of attention lately. They are traditionally Irish rings that are exchanged to represent love and loyalty to each other. They have a unique design of a heart with a crown on top.

The ring historically comes from the 17th century. Today, couples exchange the ring to represent the strength of their love for each other.

Get Matching Rings

You can get matching promise rings. Matching promise rings can be a simple band that you exchange to each other. Many couples choose matching rings with each other’s name on them

They’re Not Just for Couples

Promise rings are not just for lovers. Do you have a special friendship that you want to honor? You can gift them a promise ring to show how much you love and appreciate them.

A promise ring can symbolize that you will always be there for them when they need you and vice versa. 

Keep It Simple

When choosing a ring, you can buy a simple band to attach to your engagement or wedding ring in the future. This is a way to symbolize the deep layers of your love. 

How to Give a Promise Ring

There’s no specific time to give a promise ring. You don’t have to make it an extravagant event. However, it should be a special, romantic moment between the two of you.

You can make her birthday a special one by gifting her a promise ring on that day. Another popular occasion can be Valentine’s Day or another holiday that’s important to both of you.

Any day or evening can become special with a promise ring. You can take your significant other on a date and present your ring as a surprise.

If you want to make it fun, you can set up a treasure hunt with clever clues and steps to take in order to find the “treasure.” Another idea is to get a small gift and hide the promise ring in the gift. 

Final Advice For Promise Rings

Promise rings are a great way to express your commitment to each other. For many couples, it’s the first step to a lifetime together. Now that you know the answer to “what are promise rings”, you can browse online or at a local jeweler to see what designs you like.

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Everlasting Love: What are Promise Rings and How to Choose The Best One?

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