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Fall in Love With A Celebrity: What Celebrities Are on Tinder?

Searching for movie stars in Los Angeles, country music singers in Nashville or television actors in New York has long been a popular pastime. 

Fans come to these hotspots from around the world, hoping to catch a glimpse of a famous person out and about in the real world. Tabloids make millions featuring pictures of celebrities doing ordinary things, like grocery shopping or dining out.

Whatever the reason for our fascination, it seems we love to see celebrities doing the things we do every day.

And for many famous and non-famous people, one of those things is using dating apps.

While it may seem odd for someone with millions of fans to need an app to find a date, the reality is that more than 30 million people in the U.S. are using them, including plenty of rich, famous names.

Keep reading to learn a few celebrities on Tinder that you might just find yourself swiping right or left on.

Florence Welch

When you think about finding famous people on Tinder, you likely picture more B-list or C-list celebs or lesser-known names. But the truth is that there’s no such thing as a dating app for famous people, so any celebs looking for love on the web are stuck using the same apps like the rest of us.

Florence Welch, the lead singer of Florence and the Machine, has always been open about her use of dating apps.

In fact, the artist is still on Tinder, with a quirky, deep profile description that surely gets her plenty of right-swipes; that is if her name and beautiful looks aren’t enough for that.

Adam Rippon

While Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon might draw crowds when he takes to the ice, his love life wasn’t bringing in the same number of suitors. So, he decided to take to Tinder to try his luck. 

And it’s a good thing he did!

Rippon met his current boyfriend, Pekka Kajaala, on the app. Their friends report that they had been talking for at least seven months when they finally decided to make it Instagram-official last April.

Hilary Duff

Becoming a movie and television star at the age of 15 doesn’t leave much room for traditional relationships.

While singer and actress Hilary Duff met her former husband in person, after their split, she took to dating apps for a little help finding love again.

She even wrote a single about it, titled “Sparks.”

Unfortunately, Duff struggled on the app. She claimed that people didn’t take her profile seriously, or thought that it was a fake, which didn’t help her attract very many meaningful connections.

After all, most of us likely don’t expect to meet celebrities online. Let alone actually date a celebrity online!

That doesn’t mean that she’s been left alone. Duff began dating singer and songwriter Matthew Koma in January of 2017. The pair recently celebrated the birth of Duff’s second child, a daughter who they named Banks Violet Bair.


Hilary Duff isn’t the only celeb that turned to Tinder for a second chance after their marriage folded.

After splitting from his wife, Kim, Eminem used Tinder to look for dates.

The rapper hasn’t been reported to be seeing anyone recently, so it seems the app hasn’t helped him find love just yet. But he did reveal that he has used it in the past and even gone on dates with several people he met there.

Zac Efron

It seems that Duff also isn’t the only famous person to struggle with being taken seriously in the real world.

Zac Efron also reported that when he tried to use Tinder, many people thought that his profile was fake! He claims that no one would swipe right on him, assuming that it was someone posing as him instead.

But it seems that Efron didn’t have very high hopes even if he did get a date on the site. He claims that people often have a preconceived notion of what celebrities will be like, based off of their TV or film roles or what the tabloids have said about them.

He reports that he’d need a very long date to get the chance to dispel these notions from any lucky lady’s mind.

Tiffany Haddish

Sometimes even the drop-dead gorgeous need a little help landing dates.

Tiffany Haddish, actress on the hit television series The Last O.G. has revealed that she once used online dating as a way to search the crowd.

But unlike a few other celebrities on this list, Haddish didn’t have the luck that she was hoping for. She recently regaled viewers on The Tonight Show with tales of dates that didn’t look quite like their profile pictures.

Lindsay Lohan

Many celebrities are very open about their use of Tinder and other dating apps. That’s probably because they want people to understand that fame doesn’t change everything; they’re still normal people struggling to find love and deep, meaningful connections.

But not every celeb wants the world to know that they’re having trouble in the love. That seems to have been the case with Lindsay Lohan.

Unfortunately for her, she let it slip when she posted that she had found her brother on the app.

Our shared love of dating apps isn’t the only thing we share with celebs. While it can be easy to forget their human, they still suffer from the same illnesses and conditions as the rest of us, including eating disorders and mental illnesses.

Chelsea Handler

On the opposite spectrum, Chelsea Handler is more than open about her use of not just Tinder, but in her words, “all the dating apps.”

The comedian is also open about her desire to hook up while she’s traveling, which she also says is her primary reason for using those apps.

It’s unclear whether Handler has had luck on any one or another of the countless dating apps out there. The rest of us might be better off checking out a helpful review or two rather than trying to juggle so many different profiles at once!

More Celebrities on Tinder

Most dating apps don’t let you search for a name. Which means that actually finding celebrities on Tinder requires some luck. And if you’re like many of the users who ran across Hilary Duff or Zac Efron’s profile, you may not even believe it’s really a celeb.

If you’re looking for other ways to get to know your favorite actors, singers, or other stars, check out this article next to learn about a few celebs who identify with their zodiac signs.

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Fall in Love With A Celebrity: What Celebrities Are on Tinder?

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