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How to Start Investing Even When You’re Working Hourly Jobs

Investing can drastically change a person’s financial status. In fact, one in every five United State’s billionaires made their fortunes through financing and investing. 

But not everyone has the time or money to commit to day trading or full time investing. 

There’s no need to give up on financial dreams. There are ways to invest money wisely for people living paycheck to paycheck too. Here’s how to invest with little money.

How to Invest with Little Money

Most people understand the value of investing but don’t know how to invest money or how to invest with little money. 

The best way to start investing is to organize money. That means figuring out exactly how much money is coming in and going out. 

This strategy sheds light on how much money is there to be invested. And even a small amount can go a long way. Once a monthly budget is figured out, extra money or gifts can be thrown into the investment pool.

After funds are figured out, here are some ways to invest money, even if there isn’t much to start out with.

Take Advantage of Experts

Working an hourly job usually means there isn’t much time to research different investment options. But there are sites that have already done the time-sucking research.

Groups like investormint survey different investing platforms. They give info on investment trends and rate things like Roboadvisors. 

These research-heavy sites can save time. And they can help a new investor see all of the options and best ways to invest money. 

Set Aside a Piggybank

Mom and Dad were right when they put that first piggybank on the counter. Across the board, top financial experts suggest setting aside money from every paycheck in order to make money off investing. 

This technique is like paying a salary to yourself just for investing. That way there’s always money growing and sitting there for the right opportunity.

Take Advantage of Retirement Plans

A lot of employers provide a 401k. And groups like universities usually have 403b programs for workers. Investing in these types of programs have a multiplying effect.

That’s because the company usually matches a set amount of what the employee puts in. So, as money is being put aside, it’s also coming in from another source.

And even if that’s just a 5 percent match, it can add up fast.

Make a Safe Bet with Treasury Securities

It’s a good idea to start out investing in markets that aren’t too rocky. But as a person is finding ways to grow a business or save up, it’s a good idea to still invest.

Savings bonds or US Treasury securities are sold through the government. They can take anywhere from 30 day to 30 years to mature. And they pay interest as they mature.

People usually don’t make big scores off of US Treasury securities. But it’s a good place to park money while padding the pocketbooks for bigger investments.

More Ways to Make Money

These tips on how to invest with little money can get anyone prepared to invest. And we have more advice for making money.

Want to get the latest career advice and job-boosting tips? Check out our careers page here for tricks to getting ahead.

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How to Start Investing Even When You’re Working Hourly Jobs

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