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June 13: “june 13th, 2018 .. a day i will never forget ….

June 13: “june 13th, 2018 .. a day i will never forget . idek how i am typing rn after what happened but i am inexpressibly blessed . i just met my bub guys 😭 i chased him down the street and he looked back and smiled . HE SMILED AAHHHH 💖 i dropped my phone in the car the second i saw him and ran . he took the photo on his phone and i asked him to post it on instagram whenever he could . kinda hope he doesn’t bcs i looked like a swollen toenail since i was crying so much lol .. at this point, i dont even care about the photo, all that matters IS THAT I HUGGED HIM AND FELT THE WARMTH OF HIS TINY BODY AND SOFT HAIR . HE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL JESUS TAKE ME BACK UGJSNDJD . DONT YALL DARE TO MAKE FUN OF HIS HAIR AGAIN BECAUSE ITS SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL IRL . I MF FELT IT WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS . hails was there too and she was so sweet ah . i didn’t ask them if they were dating or anything because that would be mad awkward, so i was just like “it feels so good to see that you guys are hanging out again, we missed your friendship” and hails was like “awhhh” KSBDJSJDJDIDJ HER SMILE WAS UNFORGETTABLE .. OH I ASKED ABOUT MUSIC TOO 😌✌ AND HE WAS LIKE “i have been working on it but .. ” and then he WINKED SO IG THAT MEANS SOON IDK BUT I SCREAMED MY TINY ASS OFF BECAUSE THAT WINK WAS SO SEXY OMG . I WANTED TO BRING ALL OF YOU GUYS WITH ME UGH . when i told sum of you that i was on my way to see him, yall were so supportive and kind and i appreciate that sfm . i asked him why he doesn’t post any selfies and he was like “i’ve been working on a couple of special things-” and then i interrupted him lol, i was like “oh yeah the cupid movie” and he was like “uh huh” we talked A LOT for about 15 minutes until he had to leave . i have so much to talk about but i cant fit it all in this caption . the absolute best 15 minutes of my life . i dont know what i did to deserve such a beautiful person .. actually i dont . to all those out there who haven’t met justin yet, all imma say is: BELIEVE. dreams come true! today was unbelieveable, i’m still shaking . i told him about all of you 💙 @justinbieber ifly POST OUR PICTURE PLEASE EVEN THO I LOOKED UGLY ASF AND FOLLOW @bihzzle LIKE I SAID” – sizzlejdb via Instagram/Instagram Stories

Such a sweet experience of a fan meeting Justin in the streets of New York City the other day🤧🤧💜

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June 13: “june 13th, 2018 .. a day i will never forget ….

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