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Justin Bieber crashes gay Republicans meeting

State Social House restaurant
Justin and four of his friends showed up at the State Social House in Los Angeles for a bite to eat. The restaurant is one on his favorite dinning spots, so he was disappointed that his favorite seats were already taken.

Deciding on taking the seats in the corner he didn’t realize that the other group was a meeting of Gay Republicans. This group didn’t notice that it was Justin who had just come in, later saying they thought it was just a bunch of girls.

One member said he thought Justin was just a butch version of Miley Cyrus saying to 790KABC radio, “I went downstairs and someone I knew said “did you see Justin Bieber just went upstairs?”

“I went back and looked around the corner and I saw the group and, literally, I didn’t see Justin Bieber, I just saw a bunch of girls.”

“I got a closer look and said, oh yeah that’s the Biebs, for sure. But he looked like a butcher version of Miley Cyrus.”



Justin Bieber crashes gay Republicans meeting

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