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Justin Bieber threatens lawsuit

Justin Bieber in front of ad
Justin talked with US Weekly about his new Calvin Klein ads telling the magazine that he has always wanted to do an ad campaign for them.

Justin who has yet to talk to Wahlberg said, “Mark Wahlberg shot his campaign in 1992 and we’re still talking about it today, so I hope my ads make the same impact the way his have.”

As people are comparing the two he says, “I really hope people will see that I put my own spin on things.”

Justin goes on to say the he wasn’t nervous about the shoot and he had a lot of fun doing it.

There has also been a lot of negative feed back about the pictures with many saying the photo’s of Justin have been heavily airbrushed and photo shopped.

BreatheHeavy, a website that posted a gif that overlays 2 pictures that suggest the ad photo has been photo shopped was threatened with a lawsuit if they did not remove the gif.

The website removed the but never printed a retraction. TMZ has posted that same gif and you can see in here: TMZ




Justin Bieber threatens lawsuit

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