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Katy Perry arrives in Tokyo

Katy Perry arrives in Tokyo Katy landed in Tokyo on Thursday as she prepare for her two concerts at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium this weekend. Quickly getting into the swing of locale fashion, Katy and her entourage were seen wearing designer black face masks that has caught on as a fashion trend after a local health scare. The use of the face masks is called ‘date masaku’, which means, ‘just for show’, and users wear it to compliment their skin color, accentuate the eyes, or create a mysterious impression. The newest craze to this trend is the 3-D mask, which provides more space for the mouth to breathe, and is less likely to mess up makeup when worn. Katy was spotted later in Harajuku, Tokyo wearing one of these 3-D masks as she dress in the Japanese school girl outfit complete with the school girl braids. After her shows in Japan, Katy will be heading over to Taipei City, Taiwan for one show then it’s off to Asia’s gambling capital Macau.      
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Katy Perry arrives in Tokyo

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