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Katy Perry hit by Lolli

Katy's Super Bowl Halftime show ad

During one of Katy’s concerts in Melbourne last week she was hit by large lollipop thrown at her by a fan.

Unlike Justin Bieber who stormed off the stage after being hit by an object, Katy over came her initial shock quickly and feigns a death seen by falling to the stage with mike in hand saying, ” I never knew I’d go by lollipop.”

She continued on saying, “Honestly let’s not make a trend out of that, I’m very fragile.”

“I’m a Scorpio, very sensitive. We need to have a talk, I was just shot with a lollipop.”

The crowd both laughed and applauded her recovery from the incident.

Making the rounds on the internet is Katy’s Super Bowl Halftime show commercial, watch below.




Katy Perry hit by Lolli

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