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Khloe Kardashian on the cover of Cosmopolitan

Khloe Kardashian on the cover of Cosmopolitan
Khloe graces the February cover of Cosmopolitan UK magazine where she talks about love and marriage.

She now admitted that she’s happy being single but craves male companionship rather than physical intimacy, saying, “I don’t crave sex, I crave companionship, I just want to cuddle.”

Khloe went on to say, “I was 30 in June and by the time I hit that age I thought I would have kids and still be married. But because that’s not the way it went, you can’t sit in a ball and cry.”

Adding that she’s moving on and is excited about her new house telling the magazine, “I bought Justin Bieber’s house, and he had this nook under the stairs which I didn’t need so I covered it up. When I ran into him he was like ‘What did you do with the nook? I used to go in there and play video games.’ When I told him it was gone he was so upset, I didn’t think this 20-year-old boy would even care!” she laughed.

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Khloe Kardashian on the cover of Cosmopolitan

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