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Miley Cyrus live in Sydney Australia

Miley Cyrus in Sydney
Miss Miley starting off her live performance in Sydney by saying, “good f—ing morning” to her audience.

Dressed in a pink leotard with a large smile plastered across it, a green robe, and covered in bracelets and sunglasses given to her by fans, Cyrus said the only thing that could get her up at 5am was the beautiful Sydney Opera House.

The popular morning show ‘Sunrise’ awarded almost 1000 seats to there competition winners to see the show, where Miley sang 3 of her top hits.

Cyrus impressed the Sydney Harbour crowd with a great performance of her smash hit ‘Wrecking Ball’ before singing ‘We Can’t Stop’ in front of a swaying audience.

She told Sam and Kochie that she wasn’t bothered being called ‘crazy’.

“No it really doesn’t bother me when people tell me I’m crazy because I am,” she said.

“The thing is my dad always told me the most important thing – and I grew up around people like Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton and those people are not normal.”

“It’s always been the way you treat people and I have had the greatest examples of that.”

“There’s many girls that I know… who come out.. and they will be all polite. But in person they are not so polite. And they are not so kind.”

“I hope, all the time, I have heard, my reputation is a good one. I say hello to everybody and I treat everybody the same.”

She told Eddy that she would be climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Tuesday.

“I’m climbing up that thing tomorrow, I’ve gotten told. I’m kind of nervous about it, but I’m excited.”

She closed by showing Kochie and Sam her newest dance move called the Nay Nay, which involves waving her hand over her head and shaking her hips from side to side.


Miley Cyrus live in Sydney Australia

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