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MTV releases Nicki Minaj trailer

Nicki Minaj as MTV Queen
Nicki is certainly the Queen of MTV in this newly released video. Wearing a black lace corset and a pearl necklace, she seated at a breakfast table reading the morning paper.

In the video, Nicki finds that after hosting the 2014 MTV EMA, her picture is splashed across news headlines, billboards, video games and even laundry detergent.

Crazed fans are eating ‘Double Nicki’ burgers and wearing Minaj hairdos, and MTV has been rebranded ‘Nicki Television’.


Last month, Nicki posted to her Instagram several pictures from the shoot – as the regal queen of rap.

The 31-year-old is dress in a voluminous black silk chiffon gown with gold embellished trim and a huge sparkling crown as she looks down at the camera.

We noticed that her gown features has rosettes on her nipples as well as some additional ones placed randomly over her skirt and sleeves.

Plus she’s wearing a huge gold necklace that draws attention to her cleavage, and a towering gold crown, with pearl loops at either end that made it look as if she was wearing earrings.



MTV releases Nicki Minaj trailer

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