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Nicki Minaj in New Video

Nicki Minaj in Rae Sremmurd video

Nicki Minaj in Rae Sremmurd video

Nicki Minaj in New Video

Nicki looks hot in this newly released video with Rae Sremmurd called Throw Sum Mo.

With her dyed blonde hair, Nicki is seen wearing a green bra and a fluffy pink coat, colorful leggings and of course her stiletto’s.

The video starts of with Nicki rapping as she throws money, lots of money at the scantily dressed female dancers.

The video then cuts to Rae Sremmurd and Young Thug, as the 32 rap queen joins them as she moves around seductively.

Nicki moves around energetically as she covers the dance floor barely managing to keep her huge cleavage in.

Last week she was in LA making a new video called The Night Is Still Young, we’ll be looking forward to seeing that video when it’s released!



Nicki Minaj in New Video

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