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Picture or Text – Which is More Important for Your Online Dating Profile

We are now in the error of online dating which opens the borders for people to date anyone they wish in the world. The dating sites do not restrict the users but they will ask you the region where you come from so that others can see. As people look for their perfect partners online, there are some rules and guidelines to abide by so that the process can be smooth.

Creating a profile is mandatory in almost all dating sites that you will meet. The guidelines may be different but almost all require you to put a profile picture and describe yourself in a few lines. Others are detailed and will request you to add other details like hobbies, careers and other categories. However, most people are concerned to know what is better to use between a profile picture and text description if you have a choice.

Pros of Using a Picture

Most people prefer to look at a picture of a person they are interested in when browsing through a dating site. This is according to numerous views collected by survey companies. Mainly, this is because a picture on a profile will have the following pros:

Gives an impression – People are more visual. That is why a clear photo of you will be the best to use on your online dating profile. According to some people, they want to know whether a person is beautiful or handsome or not according to their judgment. They also want to know the skin color, the hair type, the kind of makeup you use and many other physical looks. A clear picture of someone tells a lot about who the person is.

Tells about the personality – although it is not always true, some people claim that they can judge the personality of a person by how they look on a photo. Arguably, they can know whether the person has a cool, rough or any other personality. It is for this reason that people would like to see the picture of a person before dating them. The Happymatches dating website requires you to have a profile picture which is clear.

Is a Text Better?

While writing a profile requires you to write a text, most people think it is only important to describe the profile picture. This is because people already have an impression of who you are once they look at the picture. The text should contain other details that people may not know about you like:

  •        Age – although the photo can show how old you look, it is only the text that can give the actual number of years that you possess.
  •        Interests – it is important to tell people what you love doing so that they can tell whether you are the right person for them or not.
  •        What you are looking for – no one will never know what you are after unless you tell them. The profile picture cannot tell this no matter how clear it is.

Final Word

From the above highlights, a profile pic alone can still be convenient for a dating site profile. However, it is better for both the profile picture to be used with text to give complete information.

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Picture or Text – Which is More Important for Your Online Dating Profile

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