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Rihanna in Paris

Rihanna video at Eiffel Tower
Rihanna arrived in Paris once again, this time to shoot some scenes for a video for her new album R8 that is due to be released early next year.

With the iconic Eiffel Tower in the background Riri is seen running towards about 100 screaming fans. Once she reaches them, she throws her into their arms where she ends up being hoisted to there shoulders.

The whole sequence was planned and police were standing by in case things got out of control. The crowds was gathered in an unusual way, where as tweets went out via fan accounts to round up her loyal ‘navy’ in the hours before the filming.

Her French fansite ‘Rebelle Rihanna’ said, “Rihanna asked her fans to meet her at 17h45 at the Trocadéro in Paris as part of the #R8experience, to film a video sequence which will be used for her upcoming eighth album.”

“Everyone was still waiting an hour later, but the beauty finally arrived at 19h40, and the singer climbed out of her car, ran over to her fans and embraced them.”

There was speculation that the shoot could have been for Puma, since Rihanna announced she is the brand’s new creative director.

Rihanna posted a snap of the event with the caption, ‘Ran off set of an editorial shoot, straight into the arms of my fans… thank you french navy’.

The 26 year old super star was only on scene for about 5 mins before leaving her very excited fans.




Rihanna in Paris

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