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Rihanna wins Legal Fight

Rihanna wins Legal Fight
After a two year legal battle with England’s Topshop stores, Rihanna has come out as the victor. The pop singer sued Topshop’s parent company named Arcadia over the use of her image on a shirt there were selling.

Rihanna’s lawyers claimed that fans thought that she had endorsed the shirts when in fact she had not.

The British judge said, ‘Topshop is in effect contending not for the image right but rather for a positive right to market goods bearing an image even if the use of that image in particular circumstances to particular customers gives rise to a misrepresentation.

‘To accede to that submission would be to sanction a trade which results in in the deception of the public.’

Rihanna was asking for $5.5 million in damages but there was no word on whether or not she will receive any compensation.




Rihanna wins Legal Fight

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