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Rihanna’s Alcoholic Father

Rihanna's mom and dad
Rihanna’s father, Ronald Fenty, was thrown out of the Diamond Ball charity event last week for showing up drunk. Security spotted him after he fell over a chair and took him back to his hotel, he later admitted to drinking Johnny Walker Black.

Ronald lived in Barbados and Riri had flown him there to attend the event, later he gave an interview with Daily Mail Online.

He told them about his problems with alcohol and that his daughter had paid $58,000 to put him though rehab in Malibu to save him from going to jail from an arrest several years ago in LA.

About the night in question he said, “I had been on the carpet for the pictures, I meet a couple of famous people I knew and go and talked with them, and then somebody left a chair and I stepped back and fell over, I saw my ex look up, and within a few minutes after the picture was taken, security came up and said “we’re taking you home”.

“I said “but I haven’t seen my daughter yet,” and they said “don’t matter man”.

“They said, ‘please do not make a scene it will reflect on your daughter’.”

Rihanna had not yet arrived to the Diamond Ball and Ronald thinks it was his ex wife (Rihanna’s mother) who spotted him drinking and had him removed.

Ronald went on to say that Rihanna is NOT pregnant, she is still single, and has ending things with Chris Brown.


Rihanna’s Alcoholic Father

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