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Selena Gomez can’t stop hugging co-star

Selena Gomez can’t stop hugging co-star Selena is certainly having a good time on the set of her new movie called ‘In Dubious Battle’. It seems that she can’t seem to stop hugging her co-star Nat Wolff, evening during breaks in the filming she still got her arms around Nat. And it looks like Nat doesn’t seem to mind, as he definitely happy to be around Selena. So what does this all mean? Has Selena forgotten her new boyfriend DJ Zedd? Nat and Selena previously starred together in film called ‘Behaving Badly’ and at that time they were not romantically linked. In this movie she plays the young mother Lisa London, as she’s seen wearing in 1930’s garb from that era, a simple cotton frock with buttons on the front similar to what someone who lived in the rural areas of California would wear. Nat is the movie’s main star, as he to is dressed in period costume of a khaki shirt, trousers and a cheese cutter cap. Other stars in the movie are James Franco, Bryan Cranston, Vincent D’Onofrio, Josh Hutcherson, Ed Harris and Robert Duvall.      
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Selena Gomez can’t stop hugging co-star

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