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Selena Gomez returns from Dubai

Selena Gomez doing yoga
After a great News Year Eve party in Dubai, Selena stayed on a few more days to enjoy that exotic country but is now back home in LA.

Posting a picture of herself to Instagram doing what looks like a morning yoga session in her underwear she seems to be in better spirits after her break up with Justin Bieber.

Another picture show’s Selena in the studio be gives no indication of when it was taken or what she was doing there.

This after she made up a bunch of gift baskets for her ‘team’.

With the launch of Calvin Klein’s new advertising campaign, Justin Bieber’s picture is everywhere, making it hard for Selena to move on.

A close friend said this, “She’s trying to move on because she knows he’s not good for her, not because she’s not attracted to him anymore. She thinks he looks hot in those pictures but she’s trying to avoid looking at them because they make her want to be with him. Mostly she’s just trying to avoid seeing anything about him. She wants to get over this and over him but it’s hard and this whole ad campaign is making it so much harder, it’s torture.”

And another friend added, “There’s a big part of her that still wishes she was the one with him, so seeing him star in a sexy underwear campaign with another girl draped on him sucks.”




Selena Gomez returns from Dubai

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