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Kim Kardashian arrives in Brazil

Kim Kardashian arrives in Brazil

Kim Kardashian in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Kim Kardashian in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Kim Kardashian arrives in Brazil

Kim has arrived in Sao Paulo, Brazil to help promote her Kim Kardashian Collection. Stopping at mall Monday morning she held a press conference followed up by another press conference with Vogue.

Kim talked about surprise at her hotel room saying; “White roses are my favorite When I entered the hotel already in the hallway smelled and thought. ‘Wow that was some smelly hotel!'” as she referred to the 2000 white roses sent to her by hubby Kanye West.

She also talked about her new book ‘Selfish’ where she only showed self-portraits taken throughout her life, saying that Kanye asked me to take the most hot photos.

“But I think we need an overexposure when dealing with a book selfies” Kanye argued. “I love to create memories, so I wanted to have taken more selfies with my father, more than with any celebrity.” After so much posing, she declared: “I am exhausted to take selfies Now only shot every 10 days.”

Kim also recalled her first visit to Brazil saying, “I remember that I came to Brazil two years ago, she was pregnant and did not fit at all, but I saw those beautiful women and was dying to come back here feeling good. I want to celebrate fashion and sensuality of Brazilian women.”

Talking about her collection she comment about the style, “I felt many woman choose to show off their sexy parts, with clothes like the ones I have in my closet. I know what the girls with curves need and it hard to find them with pieces that stretch.”

“It helps a lot who has a curvy silhouette. I wanted to bring a luxurious feel to a collection of popular price”.

“Two years ago my husband took me to Paris and introduced me to a lot of designers.”

“You have to know your own body. Three times a week I have someone come to my home to prove linen and set pieces. I also have a team beauty. I take hair, makeup and clothes seriously because I believe that is part of my job. Not only vanity. ”

She still remembered what she wore on her first date with Kanye, “I remember everything was a leather leggings and white shirt.”




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