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Justin Bieber gets stiffed by his father

Justin Bieber gets stiffed by his father

Justin Bieber with Jeremy Bieber
It has been revealed by TMZ the Justin’s dad, Jeremy Bieber, trashed his rented home in Kitchener, Ontario back in 2012.

And by the way it was Justin who was paying dads rent of $1650 per month. All this has come out now because the landlord took Jeremy to court seeking compensation for damages to his house. The landlord even provided a receipt of a wire transfer from Justin proving that he was in fact paying the rent.

Damages include pet urine stains all over the house, a broken toilet and lots more adding up to $12,852.93, and Jeremy has been ordered to pay it. It’s very unlikely that Justin’s dad has the money to pay for this so once again the younger Bieber must bail out daddy.

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