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Liam Payne and Niall Horan return to London

Liam Payne and Niall Horan return to London

Liam-Payne in London

One Direction in Dubai

Liam Payne and Niall Horan return to London

Liam and Niall return to London yesterday as the band takes a short break from there world tour.

Completing there shows in South Africa, they headed to Dubai where they had a bit of a scare halfway through the concert and were forced to halt the show.

It seems that some of the fans near the back started standing and sitting on a barrier railing causing it to collapse.

One girl of about 14 years was injured and was attended to while the Harry announced the incident to the crowd and that they were taking a short break until everything got sorted out.

There was a large amount of pushing which may have helped contribute to the barrier’s falling over and many fans left the concert as they believed 1D was not returning.

Organizers then allowed some of the silver ticket holders into the gold the gold section which angered many others.

The guys finally reappeared at 10.30pm, and they apologized for the delay in the show, which is their last On The Road Again tour before the summer, when they start their European leg of the tour.

As they returned to the stage Louis joked, “Okay, so that wasn’t awkward at all.” Harry then added, “We’re very sorry about the delay,” then went on to thank parents and family members who had brought some of their young fans to the concert.

Liam also said, “I’m really sorry about the minor fault we had tonight.”

As the concert finally ended at 11.20pm, Niall said, “Sorry about the minor thing. Either way you had a good time so no one really cares.”

“We really appreciate you being there for the last five years. Let’s keep it going, we’re having a laugh.”

While on stage the guys mentioned that they got caught in the sandstorm that hit Dubai and were stranded on the plane for 18 hours.

Back in London Liam talked to the Sun and admitted, “We’re gutted Zayn chose to leave.”

“But now after a few performances as a four-piece, we feel confident and determined to carry on stronger than ever.”




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