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Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham hangout in NYC

Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham
Taylor spent the day with her BFF Lena Dunham, as the two were seen walking around NYC at times holding hands.

Dressed for the winter day, both were wearing stylish attire with Taylor adding a scarf and earmuffs. The two met through twitter after Taylor commented on her work.

The 25 year old told Rolling Stone magazine that when she followed Lena on the twitter, she promptly received a private message from Lena.

She said, “I still have it! I am so excited about the prospect of being friends with you that I added the adjective best in front of it. The idea that you like my show is so thrilling, and I can’t wait to lavish you with praise in person.”

Back in October Lena told Entertainment Tonight, “Long before she was my friend, she was my friend in my head. I was listening to her while I wrote my first film, while I wrote the first season of Girls, while I wrote the second season of Girls, so she’s definitely a soundtrack to many of my feelings.”

For Taylor’s 25 birthday 2 weeks ago, Lena gave her a necklace which featured a picture of her cat Olivia Benson, Taylor posted a picture on her Instagram with the caption, ‘new most cherished possession.’




Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham hangout in NYC

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