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Taylor Swift talks to Barbara Walters

Taylor Swift in red
Barbara Walters interviews Taylor in her upcoming show Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People of 2014.

The 24 year old talked about her ‘good girl’ image saying “I mean, I do drink, I am almost 25. So it’s not like, I mean Yeah, I was at a Knicks game and I had a beer and everybody was like, ‘Ohhh!’ I was like, ‘Tsk.’”

Adding, “I did wait until I was 21 to drink. I was so paranoid about getting in trouble or setting the wrong example or sending the wrong message.”

When commenting on life in the spot light she said, “I put every one of my actions through a filter before I do them because that’s the way my life is.”

“That the reality is if I do something reckless or thoughtless or careless, or I treat someone badly, that doesn’t just affect me; it affects that person. Then, if that story gets out, or some 10-year-old sees that I did that in a news article, my actions do have ripples.”

When asked about dating, Taylor said “I don’t see a scenario right now, the way my life is, in which it could work. So I don’t think about it because I don’t like to think about things that I can’t solve.”

The Barbara Walters show aires on Sunday, December 14 @ 9/8c on ABC.




Taylor Swift talks to Barbara Walters

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